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Dear Sifu, Connie, WMQ bothers & sisters,

Sometimes we amaze ourselves with the wonderful effect of WMQ on our patients – and we try to keep in control our surprised expressions so that the patient does not get unduly alarmed! Somehow, inside you,the sense of fulfillment and joy exudes and forms a glow all over you on the outside! This is my simplistic way of sharing my personal experience of a good feeling when the patient’s problem is resolved.

I met Mr. Shanmugam, aged 54, who was visiting the handicapped children’s home in PJ where a team of WMQ practitioners guided by Sifu & Simo, were giving voluntary treatment to the residents there. We do this every Monday, from 6pm to 8pm as part of our public service.

Mr. Shanmugam had this “locked” (Frozen) shoulder syndrome-where his right hand cannot raise higher than his head. If he forced his way, he will be in acute pain.

I started with using the sword fingers to unblock his right shoulder – starting with the back shoulder and then the front. The unblocking then went onto the whole right arm. Next, was using long gentle sweeping strokes – from the shoulders down to his finger tips. I then cupped his shoulder to energize it and did the same at his elbow. For the rest of his right arm, a non-touch WMQ energizing method was utilized – from shoulder to finger tips. To top up the whole treatment I did a WMQ body balancing for Mr. Shanmugam – which I believed will be helpful as he has got several other problems, like having a bypass done in 2002 to remove 3 blockages, being a diabetic,had prostrate problem & got a tube from his stomach draining to a bag attached to his belt.

The whole treatment took about 20 minutes. After that, Mr. Shanmugam was asked to lift his hand slowly above his head. To his own surprise, he could do it swiftly and with no pain at all. The sheer pleasure on his face was clear evidence that all his other problems were nothing at all. He kept swinging his hands up and down and was totally enjoying it.

I told him to come again the following Monday for a second treatment. He did show up and the whole process was repeated. At the end of it he was just elated! He came and hugged me, with a giant grin on his face showing his sparkling white teeth, and said repeatedly “God bless you! God bless you!”

The feeling I had was what I explained at the beginning. I just told him it was my duty to help since I know the way, and how fortunate it was to have learnt from a compassionate & loving couple like Sifu Tan and Connie. Thank you Sifu & Simo, making the WMQ healing steps so simple and effective!

Wan CW, Malaysia

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I m having this frozen shoulder for about 9 months the pain especially during night,I can’t have a peaceful sleep. I read your article is there remedy.How long will the treatment take n what will be the cost. Hoping to hear from you soon.


Sorry for late reply as I was away. Wish you are well now. We do help my to overcome their frozen shoulder. I the average, it takes about 8 to 10 treatments, each session is RM100. You may call our clinic at 03-79317111 during office hours from Monday to Friday. Thank you and best regards.

Hi can i get your contact no. I want to get treatment for my mother. 65yrs old.
Here my hp no. 0193282162. Thanks.


Sorry for late reply as I was oversea. Please call 03-79317111 during office hours to make appointment to see Sifu Connie. Thank you.

Hi! Janet here. I have had frozen left shoulder for 6 months now. Do you have any quick treatment, because I have to go for a mastectomy of my left breast due to cancer on the 18 August 2016. I want to treat the frozen shoulder beforw that. Can I know if I can be treated and what is cost? Thank you. GBU


Sorry I have missed your message. Wish you are well now. If you need help, please call 03-79317111 (our clinic number) during working hours to book appointment. BTW we are closed on Tuesday and Sunday. Other days open from 10am to 5pm.

Best regards.

Master Tan

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